How to Add Transition Animation on Video using Videopad Editor

This tab allows you to create a transition between the clip you have selected and the next clip on the sequence. Transitions will allow your clip to gradually transition to the next one.

Applying a Transition

There are two ways to apply a transition to a clip.
  1. Select the clip on the sequence and apply the transition from the drop down menu to the left of the sequence.
  2. Click the transition icon on the top right of the clip (a blue square with two black horizontal lines) to open the Transition tab. Then, select the type of transition and change the duration if you like. Finally, click "Apply" to apply the transition to the selected clip.
How to Add Transition Animation on Video

Adjusting the Transition's Duration

In the Transition tab, you can set the duration of your transition in seconds. You can also change a transition's duration by resizing the orange transition bar over the clip on the Video Track. Just drag and slide the bar to adjust the duration.

How to begin a movie with a fade-in

If you want your movie to start with fade-in effect, you need to insert a blank clip (using the "Insert Blank" button on the toolbar) before the first clip on the Video Track. With the blank clip selected, apply the "Fade" transition.

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